Since beginning of the association, we have worked towards providing the best in Tent & Decoration industry knowledge and education to our members. AITDWO is becoming an organization recognized throughout the country. AITDWO exhibition provides relevant educational and networking opportunities for all members & visitors.


Several programs have been conducted since enforcement of GST to educate and apprise our member with the structural changes in the taxation format in the country.


AITDWO is a unique association, in that our industry has a wide variety of professions within it. Member professions range from different backgrounds, and so forth, all with specialization geared toward growth of the industry. This provides us a wide array of knowledge and experience. In the upcoming year, we will offer social mixers to encourage ore members to connect, share, and have fun.

AITDWO is an association with tremendous potential to positively influence many individuals. We hope to extend our reach and influence a great many more people. The AITDWO committee remains committed to moving this organization forward and towards its full potential.

I encourage all of you to take part in AITDWO as we move forward.

I would also like to congratulate all Exhibitors, Members for organizing Exhibitions & Meetings at such a massive scale, that entire Asia now look upon the event as a game changer and catalyst to the growth of the industry in India.